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The 27 Reasons For Choosing Lost Foam Technology To Produce Castings

The Production Cost

  • The metal mould can be used for more than 100 thousand times, which reduce the maintaining cost.

  • Combination of casting and a box of pieces, improve the casting process yield and production efficiency greatly.

  • The sand processing system was simplified. All of the sand can be reused, the department of sand preparation and treatment was eliminated.

  • The dust, smoke and noises were reduced. The labor environment was improved greatly and the labor intensity decrease. The female can take place of the male in this field, the salary investment also reduce.

  • High automation demand for labors decrease.

  • The technology operation was simplified and requirements for worker’s technical proficiency reduce greatly.

  • Combination casting in dry sand,sand drop off easily and the temperature of sand and casting are synchronous, therefore waste heat can be used for heat treatment. especially the high manganese steel casting water edge processing and the solid solution treatment, the effect is very ideal, with much energy saved and processing cycle shortened.

  • It is easy to realize mechanic auto-assembly line production with great flexibility and different alloys, shapes, sizes of castings can be produces in a production line.

  • Plant design can be simplified with fix investments being reduced by 30-40%,floor area and covered area by 30-50%,power consumption by 10-20%,production cost was reduced.

Casting Quality

  • The castings are precision with the characteristics of accurate size and shape, good reproductive.

  • Castings are highly polished on the surface with the roughness reaching Ra3.2-12.5μm

  • There are no fins and rags on castings, which make the work load in clearing process half reduced.

  • The maximum allowance is 1.5-2mm,reducing the weight of the casting.

  • The cost of machining was reduced greatly, compared with the traditional sand casting methods, the mechanical processing capacity can be reduced 40-50%。

  • No mould assembling and delivery greatly simplified molding process, eliminating casting flaws and waste products caused by mould assembling and delivery.

Process Design

  • Lost foam casting technology is widely applied in producing steel castings, iron castings, copper castings and aluminum castings.

  • Lost foam casting technology is not only fit for casting of simple geometry, but also for multi-part, multi-core casting of complex geometry.

  • Lost foam casting technology can realize micro-viberation pouring, which enhance the formation of metallographic structure with special requirements and internal quality of the castings.

  • Core and core making sections are canceled, which eliminates casting flaws and waste products.

  • Dry sand molding with no adhesive, moisture and additives is adopted to eliminated various casting flaws and waste products caused by adhesive, moisture and additives.

  • Flexible design make the shape of the casting free form the traditional casting process, which provides the casting structure designers enough design freedom, the design of the ideal shape castings realize, according to the function of castings, the highly complex castings can be produced through the combination of foam plastics mold piece.

  • Not restricted by traditional elements like parting and delivery, deadheads can be installed at suitable places to reduce internal defects of coefficient.

  • Pattern draft can be canceled, it removes the casting defects and waste products caused by casting material, shrinkage rate and friction castings.

  • Negative pressure pouring is more in favor of filling mold and replenishing shrinkage of liquid metals and also enhances the internal density of castings.

  • Easy sand shakeout greatly reduced the work load and labor strength.

  • The complex casting is easy which can realize the production of different parts and different material castings.

The inlay casting way is convenient, we can put the metal inlay block in advance.

The heartfelt thanks to the EPC pioneers who have made great contribution to the career of lost foam casting!


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