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Comprehensive resumption of work, efficiency first! Ruiou lost foam makes casting faster and better!

May. 19, 2020

With the steady progress and controlled work of the epidemic prevention, our country is gradually returning to normal and people's life is gradually stable, followed by the full resumption of work to make up for the steps left behind. What will be the most important when full employment resumes? ---Efficiency!

What is efficiency?

The Ruious thought -- "quick! Accuracy! Good!", do these three words is the basic efficiency.

Understanding in the field of Ruiou:

Quick: quick production!

 Accuracy: accurate positioning of customer needs!

Good: good product quality, good environmental and economic benefits!

Efficient lost foam process

Ruiou lost foam casting, more than 20 years of research,

Committed to let the foundry industry development faster and better!

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