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On site in Egypt

Mar. 07, 2024

Spanning Thousands of Miles, Our Engineers Assist Customers in Production in Egypt! 

With the acceleration of globalization, our equipment has been successfully exported to Egypt. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment locally, our professional engineers have traveled thousands of miles to the site for debugging and guiding customers in production. 

On site in Egypt

As soon as we arrived in Egypt, our engineers immediately immersed themselves in the intense work. They carefully inspect every component of the equipment to ensure that it adapts to the local environment and usage conditions. During the debugging process, engineers fully utilized their professional skills and made meticulous adjustments to the equipment to ensure that its performance reached its optimal state. 

On site in Egypt

After the debugging work was completed, our engineer did not stop. They are well aware that the transmission and popularization of technology are crucial for the long-term development of customers. Therefore, they personally guide customers in production operations and teach equipment usage and maintenance skills hand in hand. They patiently and meticulously answer customer questions to ensure that they are proficient in operating the equipment. 

During our time in Egypt, our engineers not only completed debugging and guidance tasks, but also established deep friendship and trust with local customers. They not only provide technical support, but also become partners and friends of customers. This mutual trust relationship has laid a solid foundation for future cooperation between both parties.