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The Work Standard of Nanny Service

We will communicate with you about the actual production situation, providing the suitable equipments according to your actual need.

Preliminary communication with clients:

ⅰthe annual output: annual output of 1000T, 3000T,  5000T or 10000T, etc.

ⅱ mode of production: eight or ten hours a working day, one shift or three shifts one day, 300 working days or 250 working days a year.

ⅲ smelting capacity: smelt by cupola or electric stove, the size of stove, the amount of molten iron one hour.

ⅳ the material quality, weight, overall sizes of casting: we will design the pouring technology, dimension of flask and vibrating table. It’s better to offer us a casting drawing, so we can make a design about the bulge, flaw detection, machining face, etc, according to the casting requirements.

ⅴthe dimension of workshop: the most important point is the height of crown block’s mudsill. The LFC equipments are all non-standard products. We must consider the size and height of equipments in a workshop to avoid the conflict between equipments and actual structure of workshop.

ⅵ the inner structure of workshop: we will communicate with you to determine the location of stove and door, the interval of pillars, avoiding the equipments block the door.

ⅶ Seventh, the external arrangement of workshop: we will communicate with you about the installation location of equipments. Whether there is a pool (we can used the existed materials), and have an effect on the surroundings. The dust remover is usually installed outside the workshop.

We will communicate with you on the requirements of the production line design:

Scope includes die white molding, drying area, area of casting molding area, sand and dust removing system etc.

ⅰ if your production is lower than single class production 2000T/ years, we will advise you to white mold forming regional external processing, because according to the output of the white area equipment investment, coupled with the artificial management, your electricity is not appropriate.

ⅱ if your production in single class production 3000T/ years, in addition to white mold forming region, we will advise you on the sand and dust removal equipment. Sand EPC is completely recyclable, producing white model according to the yield, white mold cost can reduce at least half sand; you use every day around 70-100T, artificial is not cooled below 50 ° quickly, you must be on sand processing equipment. Of course, yield is 3000T, 5000T, 10000T required equipment is different, we will give you the amount according to the actual production situation of your body will make the most suitable solutions.

We will communicate with you on the production line automation requirements:

ⅰ can meet the production, ensure casting quality and yield, not too many automation and image design requirements, such as crane hanging sand box on the other station, artificial mobile sand box travelling crane hoisting, artificial pouring, turning box etc.;

ⅱ to meet the production, ensure casting quality and yield, the company by the local government support, need to make the production line model, high degree of automation, such as sand adding other, hydraulic cylinder to promote the sand box mobile, automatic pouring, automatic rollover machine turning box etc..

Ⅱ Through the above information communication, we can according to your production and years of work, you need to calculate each hour how many tons of castings castings; according to your weight, we calculate the hourly you need the number of castings; according to the size your US pouring process, we can calculate a box a few pieces of castings; according to your every hour of molten iron, we can calculate your pouring boxes per hour; this can work out pouring of instant gas production, which give you a vacuum device configuration corresponding, also can calculate your sand throughput per hour, give you the corresponding equipment, and finally meet your production.

Two, made more detailed design data, then we will discuss in the internal departments, professional mechanical engineer and casting engineer will make a detailed analysis, comprehensive consideration of various factors, the first written production line process with a set of detailed calculation process, the action that with production line "details". Process production line that includes: design basis, the black area data parameter calculation, the white area data parameter calculation, production line equipment, automation system description, action description. Allows you to a EPC technology and our understanding of EPC production line.

ⅰ in exchange for the customer, we will explain the scheme can be part of the changes, and puts forward the reasonable replacement scheme for customers, helping customers to select the most desired configuration, and with the clients on the scheme need to coordinate with the customers of the aspects of detailed discussion. Let customers know about programs at the same time, also understood that both parties are need to be done, do several things. During the discussion, we will amend the plan in time according to the customer's choice, to finalize the programme.

ⅱ after the program is finalized, according to "process production line in detail", according to the comprehensive performance of various equipment in our company. We will provide you are black area sand processing configuration, testing equipment, production, purchase and other auxiliary list, meet your production needs, meet your annual production; configuration includes the name of equipment, equipment quantity, unit price, total power, etc.. All data from the "process production line in detail", ensure the accuracy.

ⅲ finally, according to customer demand for our customers with advice, the actual objective conditions, "production line process plan details", "equipment configuration list", draw the line plan layout perfect for you. We will email you (PPT slide mode), invite you to visit the company or we go to your site visit you, with you face to face on the communication scheme, final solution.

ⅳ the communication between the two sides, the final consensus, draw up a contract. The contract will include Mario nanny service, calibration drawing, mode, mode of transportation payment etc.. We promise, vanishes above the casting quality reaches the national standard three class 90%.

ⅴdetermine the production line scheme, we can according to the scheme, draw the construction drawings foundation for customers. According to the customer site geology, workshop layout, other auxiliary equipment installation and other objective conditions, fine layout, foundation construction drawings for the customer design set.

ⅵ the foundation construction drawing includes the following content: shop layout, production line elevation chart, falling sand, sieving, chain, belt, cooling device, dust removal system, vibration table and other equipment independent foundation map, embedded parts diagram, cover drawing part corresponding devices, production line foundation drawing, production line under the arrangement, cooling pool structure, statistics the number of embedded parts, and the other for a single customer quantity body design drawings. Foundation drawing is completed, we will communicate with the customer again, send drawings to allow customers to read, ask the foundation pit, in the ditch and whether the existing facilities customer conflicts. To prevent interference can not work, also to avoid a series of small trouble later modifications.

ⅶ we will determine the size parameters of each equipment of production line for customers, determine the drawings all supporting facilities. According to customer demand for the equipment efficiency, the degree of automation, casting size, sand processing parameters, we can perform data validation on the existing equipment, there will be deviations on parameters of the equipment parameter adjustment. At the same time in the production line plans, "device configuration list", production line foundation drawing as the basis, all items used in statistical customer solutions and the number of specifications, organized into form.

ⅷ all customers purchasing part of production, our company will provide the production drawings and specifications for customers to purchase with. Circuit layout, circuit layout, bill of materials, waterway waterway bill of materials, gas path layout, gas path, the equipment material detailed ladder, each equipment guardrail, the equipment chute, other purchasing list of items. The interior includes multiple sets of drawings or outsourcing materials form.

ⅸ all has been hammered by mechanical equipment, first of all existing equipment type checking, determine whether the equipment modification, strictly, ensure to meet customer demand. Model specification error free products, issued the production task orders, production drawings, started production; specifications have deviation, part to modify, immediately proceed to modify the drawing; parts according to customer site conditions and the special requirements of the components, design work immediately.

ⅹsince the program finally determined, no change the configuration of the single day start drawing foundation plans. Foundation drawing after the confirmation, 10 working days to complete the project related to draw all the drawings, and the first time to send customers and production department relevant drawings.

Ⅲ in the excavation construction stage run company will arrange to the scene to the major persons in charge and the construction technician customer specific requirements on the foundation that equipment, to ensure that the foundation does not appear important size error. (to ensure the construction quality, construction personnel must have the civil engineering technology with relevant qualification certificate)

i digging pit, Mario responsible person will cooperate with the construction side to verify the basic size and foundation pit center line spacing dimensions.

Including range:

Chain pit based center line and horizontal cold pit center line dimension error range <5mm

Lie cold pit center line to take the pit foundation center line dimension error range <5mm

Two car rail foundation center line spacing dimension error range <5mm

Sand box orbit foundation center line dimension error range <5mm

Vibrating platform foundation center line to close the trolley track foundation center range of line error <5mm

Hydraulic cylinder pit center line spacing size and location dimension error range <5mm

The error range of <5mm determines the entire production line level reference position

The long high width error range for each pit <5mm

The above ground position to consider the installation environment: such as: crane operation stage cannot collide the highest point equipment (with extraction, water shock dust cap), away from the wall near the equipment can not touch the wall.

ⅱ water to cement foundation pit center line dimension space by the construction party unilaterally responsible for verifying. Mario person in charge of screening conveyor, chain, horizontal cold, with the track foundation, when watering timely and technical personnel to the construction of the communication, verify the above equipment foundation pit dimensions and embedded parts of the position and the size of. We can arrange personnel on-site guidance if necessary.

Matters needing attention fixed embedded parts:

<1> must be in the concrete is hard but can put it on account of embedded parts and do not appear to subsidence stage

Must determine the horizontal dimension embedded parts for engineering line before the <2> embedded part is fixed (engineering line must be tightened)

<3> embedded part height must height measurements were performed with a level of civil special (measured individually)

<4> embedded parts and horizontal relationship should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the drawings (especially the trolley track embedded parts and sandbox track embedded engineering line guarantee)

<5> track embedded height error <3mm (strictly) embedded parts should track length direction perpendicular to the direction of the corresponding

<6> sieving conveyor, chain, belt, vibration table. The four groups of embedded parts must guarantee level (make sure the chain, with whole perpendicular to the ground, sieving conveyor sand tile forward motion, vibration table sand during vibration not biased movement)

<7> horizontal cold surface must guarantee level, to ensure that the horizontal cold base and foundation in full contact, prevent lying cold operation.

<8> ensure that the equipment foundation center line spacing size error <5mm to ensure the equipments in good connection setup time

<9> threading pipe can choose a big, not small.

<10> hydraulic cylinder embedded parts must ensure the size height error of <2mm, ensure the work of the hydraulic cylinder, horizontal ejector.

<11> vacuum system of foundation shall ensure that the installation location, and can smoothly flow water drainage channel

<12> line with skewed slots pit must ensure that the surface is a smooth surface, can not be too large convex or depression

<13> sand box rail foundation has a boss, to ensure that a boss projecting quantity is the edge of the boss as a parallel to the trolley track center line for straightness error range does not exceed 10mm

3, delivery stage:

Will run before each shipment to the customer notify in advance the specific delivery time and about the time of arrival. Each shipment will have the corresponding invoice (including: delivery, truck driver information and Mario responsible person) at the person in charge of the customer carefully verify. Fully responsible for unloading by the customer

4, equipment installation phase (black area)

Equipment installation stage equipment installation required general installation drawing (including the operation of hydraulic system of dust removal system of negative pressure system power distribution cabinet position map of sand box), field configuration, circuit materials form gas material form, waterway material form Mario site should be responsible for the electronic version and print a copy of each, to the customer is responsible for a people Print Edition (containing only the equipment installation layout)

Equipment installation:

Mario installation guide heads every morning the day of the arrangements for the work of the task, make corresponding working log every night (including: the problem and solution for every task. Spare parts use the purchase) after work every day to report to company directly under the leadership

The specific installation process:

1, lying cold - chain - screening conveyor - a level water-cooling shakeout with extraction and cyclone dust collector, water hammer

2, the trolley track - sand box track vibrating table, sand storage hopper, dust removal pipe belt conveyor - water - hydraulic cylinder, vacuum system

3, threading pipe is fixed and the gas path at the same time

4, in line with the hydraulic line

5, all the equipment a single debugging: sieving and conveying, chain, horizontal cold, with lifting, negative pressure system, water hammer dust, rain and sand, feed position device hydraulic system

6, power distribution cabinet circuit.

7, the debugging and operation

Ⅳ all equipment installation details:

horizontal cold:

Project line review foundation parts of cold lie whether level. Determine the centerline lying cold foundation and four angular positions with chalk (x, y) and the horizontal position of the center line of cooling equipment. Use the crane placed lying cold make four angle and the position of the center line of coincidence


According to the chain and the position of the center line of the horizontal cold center line to the horizontal center line spacing to determine the specific location of cold chain in the chain, with a piece of chalk Foundation (pencil) marked chain center line position (x, y). Check chain embedded height, height difference should not exceed 5mm. The base temporary placement, but not welding, until the middle section fixed up with pendant of (x, y) direction of verticality measurement. After testing, with channel spacing

Screening conveyor:

1, the first level verification of embedded parts level (inlet leg is embedded into the height of not less than outlet embedded height) height difference is not greater than 3mm.

2, according to the sieving conveyor and the chain center spacing size sieving conveyor to determine the specific location of legs, reach the level is between two legs the same pitch. When screening conveyor in the legs, spring will not be twisted, sieving conveyor discharge port is at the chain import.

3, the legs and the embedded parts by welding, then debug, sand in the sieving conveyor to ensure tile forward movement

4, line installed two motor steering should instead

Rain and sand:

1, ensure the outlet and the central line of the sieving conveyor feeding centers coincide, the error does not exceed 5mm.

2, the rain and the periphery sand sand retaining plate height of 450~500mm, and sand retaining plate up to full welding.

3, the rain and sand near the exit routes and gas path distance sand outlet is more than 300mm.


1, with the high requirements, embedded parts in accordance with chain.

2,size position with consistent with.

3, the tail seat position

4, the middle section and the head seat connected up, again with the tailstock together.

5 through the adjustment of lifting crane (x y) direction (line falling verticality adjustment).

6, after adjusting the fixed channel steel welded, and then use the temporary steel oblique to put on half part, and temporary welding

7, will take the tailstock for spot welding

8, sand storage hopper with a lifting platform is connected to the connecting belt mounted to the inside

9, add oil for debugging, cannot appear belt and sand scraping

10, the center line and the center line of the belt roller can not be offset over 30mm

Cyclone dust collector and the water shock dust remover:

1, the cyclone center position by position determined with.

2, placing the cyclone dust collector

3, placing the water hammer dust collector:

3.1 wind machine installation, base and water to a rubber mat to prevent resonance between the shock dust remover

3.2 water hammer water not water leakage after the dust collector

3.3 level determination: in the dust removing system connection is completed, through debugging, when the fan is able to spit out a small amount of fog, as the best water level: maximum extraction, dust removal effect is just (commissioning).

3.4 by adjusting the position of the water hammer dust collector cyclone dust collector and water hammer dust precipitator tube between the closely connected

The track installation:

1, with level measurement all tracks embedment, height difference does not exceed 4mm

2, determine the position of the center line of each sand box orbits, each location of rail size (note the sand box on the track on both sides of the activity space and no more than 8mm)

Three groups of embedded parts 3, three sand box rail end head height is determined (height difference should not exceed 3mm), is the highest part of track laying, ensure that the three groups of rail end is at the same level, and three sets of tracks that parallel. When a group of track laid after the sand box put up, then measure the wheels on both sides of the movable allowance and whether within 8mm. Then according to the inner side of the first group of the track pitch laid the remaining two groups.

4. determine the position of the center line of the trolley track. Determine the position of the center line to ensure the car, the two trolley track center line position will not affect the normal operation of the car (the car runs without scratching the walls).

4.1 verification of embedded parts height, height difference does not exceed 4mm.

4.2 according to the trolley track spacing track position

4.3 laying track

4.4 car debugging (wheels both spacing and cannot be greater than 5mm)

5. All tracks should ensure that within the same group orbit 2m for different point height difference should not exceed 5mm ensures that all four wheels can keep track of

6, the car on the track laying index:

6.1 car top rail height with sand box orbit height and spacing is the same.

6.2 the car on track with the sand box track spacing between 2~8mm.

6.3 the car on track with the sand box rail capable of synthesizing a straight line.

Guide not on the wall, about 6.4 car operation, threading pipe, oil pipe, gas path and collision.

6.5 car running gear box can not have too much noise.

Vibration table:

1. track laying to the vibrating table foundation pit position before, the vibrating table embedded parts to measure height difference should not exceed 4mm.

2. the vibrating table first to pit about location, track laying is completed to adjust the vibration table position so that the vibrating table side guard plate (cylinder shield) to track lateral spacing consistent. Vibration table in a track direction away from the walls on both sides of the spacing between the.

Sand storage hopper:

1. check the sand storage hopper embedded height, height difference in the range of 5mm.

2, assemble sand storage hopper side plate and cone hopper, and the feed position device installation.

3. the crane will be assembled with the four side walls of the sand storage hopper hanging to the embedded parts near the legs, one by one to determine the location to install, the overall vibration bench center line center line.

4. then the rain and sand into the sand box is pushed into the sand storage hopper below, with the crane lifting it up, and then bolted to the sand storage hopper.

5. the ladder installed, convenient installation

6 sand storage hopper cover for crane and hoist and three fixed points up, and then placed into the sand storage hopper at the top

7 installation personnel to cover will correct for top position, and then four angle welding (this stage must fasten the safety belt)

8 sand storage hopper cover full welding top cover channel must be full welding (has a strong pull effect on the sand storage hopper) top man can not leak

Belt conveyor:

1 according to the drawings size determined with the feeding port to sand storage hopper is near one side edge size

2 and then determine the belt conveyor extends sand storage hopper specific size.

3 determine the belt conveyor bucket top position in the sand storage after the welding ends should add channel is supported on the base and then welding.

4 belt conveyer belt can not rub sand storage hopper cover

5 motor and reducer connection coaxial degree to ensure the coupling gap, gap difference is controlled within 0.5mm.

6 the top discharge opening size can be opened wide, tip discharge port to add three side height in the 450mm, the other side plate without scraping belt down from the belt near point distance 5mm. Intermediate unloading port also according to the specific situation of the discharge port processing cannot let sand flow to the outside.

The chute installation:

1 the chute installation, possible cutting welding is a normal phenomenon.

2 belt to belt conveyor chute can't hang touch belt

Dust remover pipes:

1 pipeline installation, pipe length may appear inconsistent with the actual situation is normal , cutting or welding

2 , the flange connection with talc + + white latex paint blending the paste to seal or use asbestos rope seals , bolts must be carried out with a double mat two holes sealed.

3 soft joints with three anti- cloth as the single cross , three anti-cloth connected devices fastening parts with thin wire , and then the three anti-cloth folded , dry brushing paint with transparent tape to seal tight .

 4 dust and dust between the pipes pipe stand to Jiapi pad , to prevent vibration friction .

Installation indicators:

1 flange joints and welding parts closely , debugging , you can not water leakage .

2 packing at the dripping speed when debugging 20 to 50 drops per minute , if the amount of traffic you can tighten the clamp bolt or increase packing solution

3 The electrical circuit from the ground not less than 40mm, to prevent blisters.

4 flange butterfly valve with butt joints must be tight . When the vacuum pump is full, the vacuum table pointer must be above 0.082

Debugging process:

1 Before starting the valve must open two or more.

2 Normal operation, when all closed valves.

3 After debugging first open the valve, turn off the vacuum pump when the pressure is zero .

Threading pipes:

1 threading pipe should follow the piping between the distribution cabinet go ahead walk equipment with piping between the distribution cabinet .

2 Threading pipe ground fixed, must be above ground 30mm.

3 threading pipe elbow,two mutually perpendicular xy direction pitch pipe shall not exceed 100mm.

4 pipe threading every 3m must have a fixed bearing, fixed bearing conduit to ensure that no sloshing around .

5 overhead pipe threading equipment operation can not arise because of tremble.

6 threading pipe after cutting, it must be processed on the tube head can scratch the wires.

7 exposed in the outer conduit connector cable with the device ( not ) can not be longer than 300mm. 8 , stand on the pillar cabinet and threading pipe height difference must not exceed 300mm.

8 threading pipe through the sand box sand box empty track to select a track.

Line crossunder :

1 threading , should Mark the line head , marking equipment and control cabinet line connection name .

2, the device connections, cable must be more than 100mm margin.

3 threading pipe elbow pipe or wire lines with a snakeskin snakeskin tube connecting pipe on the line shall not be less than 60% coverage with cable tie fastening .

4.2 * 1 ² wire and shielded wire exposed conduit exceeds 150mm use a bobbin for protection.

5the electrical wiring connector with cable lugs must be wrapped with waterproof tape.

6 exposed in connection with the distribution cabinet conduit outside line must be wrapped with a snakeskin tube and fastened with a cable tie .

car hang indicators:

A hanging rope must be taut lines, the car is running, can not hang mopping .

2 hung functional group into a spiral .

3 hanging wire is certainly greater than 3 , with a nylon cable ties 400mm fixed time intervals .

4 mopping trolley wires.

Fixed Limit box:

Which will be a track filled with sand box sand box ( by serial number )


1 tap sets at the center of the sand box and tap sets must coincide with the center of the other flasks were close .

2 the two limit cases simultaneously placed into orbit sand box ends, so close to the limit stop device box sand box , this time, the position of the limit box is the most accurate location . The limit between the box and the embedded parts spot .

3 a hydraulic cylinder on one side of the car and placed on top of the sand box sand box car at the track and the track coincide. Then the car above the dome from the sand box sand box sand box dome above the track distance 35mm, and the cylinder head above the sand box from car dome for 35mm, then, the hydraulic cylinder position determination . Damper position above the sand box car and box car at the limit position determination .

Trolley box above limit position indicators:

1, when the clamping box flask stopper , the end of the dome of the flask from the cope flask tank dome track is 35mm, and the other end from the hydraulic cylinder ( recovered state) dome spacing of 35m

2 the stopper must be fully welded and stopper bread with damping pads .

3 , limit contact position channel box and trolley must fully welded .

4 , the car will not be left running time bit box scratching tracks, walls.

5 , ( car dome to the sand box sand box sand box domed rail ) distance plus ( sand box car to the hydraulic cylinder dome top circle ) distance should be between 67 ~ 73mm

 6, other sand box box orbital position determination limit in the same way

Hydraulic station and the hydraulic cylinder positioning indicators:

1 , hydraulic station placed flat, hydraulic oil tank level to reach 80%.

2 , oil pressure gauge in the machine commissioning , leaving only one remaining three in the gauge valve screwed to the customer's own custody death remove .

3 , the hydraulic cylinder centerline and the centerline of the track with the coincidence of sand box , hydraulic cylinders during the top of the dome recovery center offset is less than 10mm.

4 the hydraulic cylinder centerline dome dome basically consistent with the sand box upper and lower deviation does not exceed 10mm.

5 the hydraulic cylinder in the base after commissioning the machine to be fully welded .

Hydraulic pipe installation indicators:

1 hydraulic station side connecting pipe can not be continuously exposed parts of more than 2m.

2 a remote hydraulic cylinder through the connecting pipe should empty sand box orbit.

3 The hydraulic tube bending not appear dead, bend radius should be larger than 60mm.

4 Hydraulic pipe bending occurs as little as possible.

5 The whole hydraulic pipe into the pipe, bend the exposed length should not exceed 400mm.

Gas line installation and indicators: 


1, to determine the location of a good pressure pump, pressure pump can not be too close from the heat source. Especially with a water box bracket turned out in the cold sand from outside must be 2.5m. When turning box, sand box not straight pneumatic pump direction. 

2, to determine the location of a good oil-water separator, and is fixed. 

3, if conditions allow, to a pneumatic pump water separator seamless, when allowed by special air line hose. 

4, seamless steel tubes welded on the wire when the seamless pipe to be welded to the left or right, can not be welded to the upper side. 

5, the main gas line were seamless, and only from the solenoid valve on the device within the range 1 ~ 2m, we can switch to gas hose 


Specific indicators: 

1 a water snub sand: <2m 

2 the dust removal system: <1.5m above the ground 5m dangling position can be changed to <2m 

3 rain and sand control: <2m 

4 sand box orbit Limit box: <1.5m 

5 the car limit box: range determined according to the actual situation 

6 seamless welds can not leak 

7 quick coupler valve with raw tape + twine seal leak can not appear 

Water recycling installation and indicators: 

Installation standards: 

1, the pump from the bottom of the pool bottom valve size is not less than 1m. 

2The pump and the motor to ensure concentricity of the shaft coupling gap difference of no more than 1mm. 

3, the contact surface between the base and the ground should be greater than 80%. 

4, the operation of the process, can not produce resonance. 

5, the pump during operation, the amount of packing drip at 20 to 40 drops / min. 

6, during operation, the pump flange connections and elbow tee welds not leaking. 

Chain carrying strap mention detection device: 

After installing detection axis, detection axis proximity switch should be controlled at between 3 ~ 10mm.

Canadian oil level: 

Some observers view port added to the middle of the mouth parts of a dipstick add 1/3 to 2/3. 

Add oil parts: 

With mention gear reducer • • Chain mention lying cold conveyor belt gear reducer • • • Large car fan gear reducer • Water Cycle 

Add butter parts: 

Sieving conveyor motor 2, chain mentioning bearings 4, with mention bearing 4, lying cold inner bearing 4, sand box sand box 4 for each wheel, vacuum pump bearings 4, belt conveyor bearings 4. 

Fence Location: 

Chain • Chain mention mention platform with lift platform foundation • • • with lift pit base cover • Chu Chu sand bucket with sand bucket to mention dust Platform Platform • Water Hammer 

Stamped plate position: 

• Wear groove cylinders 

Control cabinet mounting and terminal wiring: 

1, the control cabinet position determination will stand for fixing (bolts or embedded parts welding). Sand sand box cabinet cabinet trolley control cabinet are running tap Taiwan cabinet support frame made of hanging in the column on the reservoir sand hopper welding. 

2, the control cabinet and the bracket between the use of bolts. 

3, terminal cable. 

Standalone debugging criteria: 

1, a water snub sand: sand off the device cylinder thermostat can operate independently 

2, sieving conveyor: no noise vibration, sand transport flow evenly. 

3, chain hoist: bucket chain collision detection does not appear normal steering shaft rotation sensor signal correctly 

4, horizontal cooling machine: steering does not appear to be correct lying shivering cold water below normal 

5, with elevator: hopper with belt does not appear when running scratching the outer wall of the hopper can not touch the spout baffle baffle but try to close during operation stability with elevator shaft body sensing signal sensitive detection device operation proximity switch detects wheelbase 3 ~ 8mm 

6, the belt conveyor: coaxial motor and reducer mopping sand belt is not all entered the discharge port pear unloader baffle flexing flexible 

7, reservoir sand bucket: rain, sand control operation flexible material level detection accuracy 

8, tap sets: tap sets do not collide after jacking rails and sand box off the rail 5mm above, the clamping device firmly fixed clamping block, tap motors are relatively reverse of each pair, the following gas leak does not appear gas, tap sets scratching cylinder guard plate clamping block will not be able to recover the balloon steady fall back sand box orbit. 

9, dust removal system: dust adjustable dampers for duct connection flange flexible cylinder running no apparent leak 

10, the gas system: pneumatic pump pressure value transferred 8MPa automatically stop, 6MPa start automatically, oil water separator pressure value transferred 4.5MPa, quick coupler • Solenoid valve is not welded parts leaks.

Hydraulic system:

Turned to be correct. Load running 30 minutes no problem. Automatic drain valve to 16MPa, the oil level reaches 80% no leakage of hydraulic hose hydraulic hose bouncing phenomenon does not occur with hydraulic station hydraulic fittings hydraulic pipe joints between the conical connector is flat padded joints ( hydraulic tube best with no connector )

No problems when debugging stand-alone machine only when debugging :

Overall debugging :

Sand box running line automatically run for 30 minutes without any problems (the overall operation of the control cabinet )

Sand the whole run for 30 minutes without any problems ( the overall operation of the control cabinet )

Then the whole entire system test run 30 minutes ( the overall operation of the control cabinet )

White areas Installation:

White areas coordinated equipment requirements than black area is low, but the installation is still to do rigorous specifications.

Installation process:

Boiler - steam tank - pump - tank - Pre foam machine supporting - molding machine. This order can be reversed several independent units . Then is a steam road - water - gas path - Circuits - Distribution Cabinet - wiring - Commissioning

Installation Notes:

1 , gas • Steam • waterways are not leak, ensure the welding quality

2 , steam flanges with asbestos mats , gas water use Pidian

3 , the vapor -way automatic drain valve should be located easily select the location condensate , water accumulation position , direction should be vertically downwards

 4 , the steam tank inlet outlet to follow the principle of low prices

 5, the white area of hip room, wiring connections and waterproof to ensure

Install overall summary:

1 bolted to regulate

2 embedded parts finally, all welding is completed

3 site cleanup hygiene

4 a half of the customer during installation to make a progress report ( abridged )

5 responsible for the problem in a timely manner to communicate with customers

6 the last person in charge with the customer account , and agreed to pilot production time

Stage of the process :

Mold :

Rieou in the customer with our company to finalize the trial production period, we will arrange Rieu EPC company engineers to the site to process instructions . Process guidelines: in the shortest possible time with the most economical cost to customers to produce a satisfactory product.

Process Description :

Handmade mold: aluminum mold making - cutting foam - Bonding Models - drying - 1 times brushing coating - drying - the first two times brushing coating - drying ( check thickness ) - brushing 3 times coating - drying during dry patches - drying - bonding gating system - drying - buried box ¬ - casting - play box - shot - cutting riser

White areas performance indicators.

1 to help workers skilled operation manual cutting table.

2 to allow workers to learn how to improve the effective use of templates.

 3 to help workers learn how to use rulers, compasses, precise cutting model.

 4 to help workers learn how to use the glue gun glue less exhausted pick out the best model .

Forming Mechanism mold: performing - aging - Forming - stereotypes - 1 times brushing paint - drying - 2 times brushing paint - drying ( check thickness ) - 3 times brushing paint - the drying process repair - drying - bonding gating system - drying - buried box ¬ - casting - play box - shot - cutting riser

White areas guiding principles:

 1, to help workers skilled in using the pre- specified density foam machine and issued a uniform bubble.

  2 to help workers proficient molding machines and a multi-machine operation.

  3 to help workers learn how to control molding machine molding machine parameters , thereby enabling the model problems solved.

  4 To help workers learn how to repair sticky mold problems models and production of qualified products.

 5 explain in detail due to adhesion problems caused by the gravity casting. To improve workers' awareness of the importance of their work to enhance good product quality.

Yellow Zone guiding principles:

 1 , to help workers learn to use the shortest possible time mixing well coatings.

 2 , to help workers learn how to paint with paint, the paint will not be wasted .

  3 , instruct the workers in the drying process of the temperature and humidity control .

  4 , instruct the workers according to the shape of the casting , adjusting posture to prevent the model placed in the drying process of distortion.

  5 , instruct the workers how coordinated work to make molding, brushing , drying methodical ongoing .

Black areas guiding principles:

 1 , guidance note on how to avoid workers' box buried dead sticky sand casting , sand to improve the firmness to ensure that the process of pouring box does not appear the phenomenon of collapse. Different castings and sand box exhaust tract should be kept a safe distance. How to avoid buried tank in the process model is not deformed so a series of ways to avoid the problem

2 , instruct the workers do not have a casting material for different pouring temperature , casting speed and casting techniques .

  3 , instruct the workers according to the different materials for different casting negative value and the reasonable dwell time , time out of the box in order to prevent deformation of the casting , sticky sand and other defects occur .

 4 , directing attention to workers skilled in using the device and operational issues .

 5 , instruct the workers how to maintain equipment .

In the normal operation of all equipment, process parameters for the final OK, we will give you submit your product features tailored for process implementation manual . Each one includes determining the number of workers needed and Industry, each station as well as the time required for the operation sequence of operations to facilitate your production process in the future to achieve stable production and quality control .

Fourth, in order to ensure our customers advanced technology equipment used . Our company will continue to develop new products, improve existing products, so that our products have a higher technological content and greater market competitiveness. Let the device more convenient in use, the customer higher productivity , lower production costs .

Fifth, To ensure that staff can provide customers with a high level of service. We will personally go to the scene , telephone communication guidance , network video image signal , etc., to ensure the quality and quantity of field work carried out smoothly. In the construction process, you can call at any time have any questions , call us 24 hours to maintain smooth , ready to solve all the problems of customers . Post-installation equipment, test equipment, training techniques, use of equipment, any problem we will respond within 24 hours . Our regular and irregular conduct internal staff technical exchanges, training, improve the company's overall staffing levels , to ensure quality of service.

Six , customers successfully put into operation , the company will , as always, continue to provide services to customers . We will contact you one week at least once to communicate your device usage to see whether there is a need for us to help solve the problems . If abnormal equipment operation, the deviation of the production process , technical staff will be the first time for you to solve the problem. Technical team will solve various technological problems in time.


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