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  • Chain Elevator
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Chain Elevator


The plate chain elevator is a new product developed with advanced foreign technology. The series of elevators is suitable for vertical conveying of powdered, granular, and block materials, as well as lifting materials with high grinding properties. The material temperature generally exceeds 200 ℃, and the lifting height can reach up to 40m. Its main characteristics include: wide lifting range, large conveying capacity, low driving power, inflow feeding, gravity induced unloading, long service life, high lifting height, good sealing, stable and reliable operation, convenient operation and maintenance, compact structure, good rigidity, and low operating cost.

Product Description

Main functions and advantages:

① Operating components: composed of hopper and sleeve roller chains, NE15 and NE3 single row chains, and the rest are double row chains;

② Drive device: adopts multiple drive combinations for driving (depending on the actual needs of the user). The drive platform is equipped with maintenance racks and railings, and the drive is divided into left installation and right installation (depending on specific construction conditions);

③ Upper device: equipped with a track (chain), a backstop, and an anti backflow rubber plate at the discharge port;

④ Intermediate section: Some intermediate sections are equipped with tracks (chains) to prevent the chain from swinging during operation.

⑤ Lower device: equipped with an automatic tensioning device;