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  • Negative Pressure System
  • Negative Pressure System
  • Negative Pressure System
  • Negative Pressure System
  • Negative Pressure System

Negative Pressure System


Every one knows that lost foam casting’s pouring process is made in the vacuum pump state.Its main function: It has the second compaction role of model sand. It can improve the static friction force between sand. It can make the dry sand to model under the air pressure. At the same time, it can absorbs the gas produced in the process of foam model gasification in order to avoid the casting holes.It also can enhance the molten iron’s flowing speed and speeding up the punching which improves the castings’ qualified rates greatly and guarantees the successful casting.

Product Description

The vacuum pump that we equip is the water cycle type vacuum pump. By absorbing the insoluble in water and no corrosion gas,it forms the vacuum and pressure in the closed container. It can provide the negative pressure needed in the casting process and makes a stable negative pressure field for the sandboxes.

The gas burnt is discharged to air by three-stage filtering,dust removal and purification.

The common negative pressure system is 20 cubic meters/minute type, 25cubic meters/minute type ,35 cubic meters/minute type, 43 cubic meters/minute type, based on different air exhaust quantity. The negative pressure system choice mainly depends on sandbox size, product volume, sandbox numbers for every-time vacuum pumping.  By calculation, we can choose proper negative pressure system.

By many years experience, we find if the complex tank is larger, the negative pressure casting system is stabler.So in some production fields, we equip some large tanks for complex tanks, which plays a role of pressure stabilization and pressure maintenance.